Partner Studios

Being a Partner Studio is a great way to stay part of the BASI Pilates studio network without the full commitment of being a BASI Host Studio.

Mentor Day 1 Mat Class-71

Partner Studios are independent Pilates studios that serve as support centers for BASI students. Each Partner Studio has at least one active BASI graduate on staff and are places where BASI Pilates students may go to complete their Observation, Self-Practice, and Practice Teaching hours.

Each studio is in an accessible location, provides a clean and inviting environment, and may or may not host BASI Pilates continuing education programs.


  • Studio has at least one active BASI graduate on staff
  • Studio is clean, inviting, and easily accessible
  • Studio owner is willing to assist BASI Pilates students with scheduling Observation, Self-Practice, and/or Practice Teaching hours at their studio

Our Partner Studios

Mentor Day 1 Mat Class-63

Interested in being a Partner Studio?

Please check our Partner Studio requirements, and if your studio qualifies, fill out the Partner Studio Application form.

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