Licensees play a huge role in growing the global BASI community and ensuring our education programs remain at the highest standards worldwide.

2.3.2 – Debora and Guadalupe

Licensees operate as “mini BASI HQs” and oversee all of the BASI Pilates education offered in a specific country or territory. They manage all of the Host Studios and Partner Studios in their territory and actively work with new Host and Partner studios to grow BASI’s footprint in their region.

Licensees have a dedicated administrative team that handles all program coordination and student affairs in their territory. 

They are able to provide exceptional support and guidance to those in their region by being close
in proximity and offer assistance in their local language.

2.2.7 – Spain Group Photo

Becoming a successful Licensee takes time and commitment. Most Licensees began as Host Studios who ran several teacher training programs before taking an active role in recruiting other Host Studios to grow BASI in their area.

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